Constitution of the DIFMAQ GROUP

In December 2020 DIFMAQ (Diseño y Fabricación de Maquinaria para Alimentación S.L.) has been constituted with the aim of providing new solutions in packaging and labelling, absorbing for this purpose the activities of ROURE TECTOSA S.L. (packaging machinery and
ROASTERs, and SAT service), as well as part of the technical team of the former Talleres Pupar S.A., which had operated under the well-known AUXIEMBA brand of machines.

In addition, we incorporated the activity of Special Machinerymade to measure according to customer requirements and Process Engineering.

Our goal is to integrate the knowledge and experience of our different business units to the maximum, to enhance the synergies and technical capabilities of each family of machines, including adaptation to Industry 4.0.

With the long experience and commitment of our technical team, we goal is to position ourselves as a reference leader in the market, designing and manufacturing special and innovative machinery and equipment for all the markets we serve.