Vertical filling machine

New vertical packaging machine, which forms, fills and seals the bags automatically starting from the reel.

This model is available with two options:

Servomotor system

Mechanical-pneumatic system

Both options are presented with new features:

  • Colour touch screen.
  • More modern and contemporary design.
  • Ease of use and programming.
  • Bag width between 60 and 280
  • Possibility of vacuum.
  • Inert gas.
  • Display (Eurohole or circular)

Technical data

Bag width 60/280 mm

Bag length 60/480 mm.

Mechanical output 100 cycles/min.

Power 2,5Kva.

Envasadora Vertical DIFMAQ ROURE modelo EVR-50-280
Sobre Pliegue lateral nansa Pliegue lateral displayPliegue lateral
Fondo estable 4 sold central nansa Fondo estable 4 sold central display Estabilo asa Estabilo central
Estabilo central display Almohada Fondo estable 4 sold central Almohada display
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