Human Team



Albert Ferrari

Industrial Engineer and PDD-IESE

More than 30 years of experience in different sectors and industrial processes (Automotive, Faucets, Prefabricated Concrete, Technical Ceramics, Consumer Goods, Food, etc)

SENER Ingeniería de Sistemas, KAO Corporations, LEAR EEDS, CIE Automotive, Motherson Sintermetal, Manufacturas MAGO, SEDAL Group, etc

Experience in industrial implementations and business units in countries such as China, Mexico, Romania, Czech Republic, Ireland, etc.

Management Team

Josep Maria Sánchez

Industrial technical engineer, specializing in industrial electronics.

26 years of experience in different areas of design and manufacture of special machinery in SIVALLÈS SL.

Project management, design, programming, organization and technical/commercial support.

Operations Director

Carlos Puerto



Josep Novell

Industrial electronics technician. Hardware and software design CPU, FPGA, ANALOG, Motion Control

Design of electronic equipment, Motion Control and communications

Thirty eight years experience in design and manufacture of electronic equipment and machinery.

Digitec Products SL, Technical Manager (17 years), Media Color Spain SA, Technical Manager (15 years), Federal Signal Vama SA, R&D Manager (3 years), Takio SA, SAT Manager (3 years)




Joan Salinas

Technician specialised in industrial electronics. Motion training courses with Rockwell, Schenider Electric, CMZ SISTEMI ELETTRONICI

Specialist in labelling machines. 35 years in industrial electronics, including 27 years in the packaging sector (labelling machines). SP I_Dositecno Software Engineering (1 year) Packaging sector.

Auxiemba (Talleres Pupar) Head of electronics department and R&D department (26 years) Packaging sector. Telecsal Technical assistance for speed variation equipment (8 years) Electronic and electrical services.


Enric Vinyeta

Engineer Telecommunications (UPC)

30 years experience in the industrial automation sector, working on the design and commissioning of industrial machinery in a wide variety of sectors (packaging, paper, corrugated cardboard, metallurgy, ...)

Logimac Drives and Control. Proface España: Multinational HMI manufacturer.

Intra Automation S.L.





Sales & Marketing

Nuria Fernandez Envasadoras Tostadoras DIFMAQ ROURE

Nuria Fernández

Graduate in Marketing and Market Research. Specialization in Global Marketing (UOC). Training in strategies and technologies for the digital transformation of SMEs (Industry 4.0)

6 years of experience in the Commercial Dept. in the packaging sector (ROURE TECTOSA, S.L.)

11 years experience as Assistant to R&D and Operations Director Europe (BASF CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS S.A.)

Offices Mexico


Adriana García

Management Technician.
30 years of experience in the commercial area in the labelling machines sector.
Responsible for administrative, after-sales and commercial management.