Roaster E1-A

Machine designed for laboratories or "gourmet" shops.

Solid construction

Easy to clean

Easy disassembly of all parts

Roasting control by means of the sample scooping device

Easy to operate

Homogeneous roasting

Drum motor reducer

Cooling motor reducer

Digital temperature regulator

Single-phase operation

Adaptable to electrical requirements of the country.


Technical Data

Max. capacity 500g. Min. 100g.

Production 2 - 2,5 Kg/h

Power 1000W

Voltage 220V/monophase/50Hz/60Hz

Weight 55Kg

Dimensions 60cm x 40cm x 68cm

Power Consumption 1,2 Kw

Gas Not applicable

Tostadora Gourmet DIFMAQ ROURE modelo E1-A
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