DIFMAQ ROURE offers technical assistance service for rotary labellers, packaging machines and roasters.


Technical assistance service.

DIFMAQ ROURE provides you with a team of experts who offer a range of services, including technical assistance on labellers, packaging machines and roasters. Brands: DIFMAQ, ROURE, AUXIEMBA, among others.

These services include fault diagnosis, repairs, preventive and corrective maintenance, upgrades and enhancements, among other things.

Technical assistance is essential to ensure the correct functioning of the machinery and to avoid downtime or costly repairs. In addition, good technical support can increase the lifetime of equipment and reduce long-term maintenance costs. It is advisable to have a team of trained and experienced professionals to guarantee quality technical assistance such as those we have at DIFMAQ ROURE.

Remote technical assistance.

DIFMAQ ROURE offers technical assistance for labelling, packaging and roasting machines. Remote technical assistance is a service that allows users to obtain technical support and solutions through electronic means, such as email, online chat or telephone. This form of technical assistance has many advantages, such as speed and efficiency in problem solving, cost reduction and elimination of the need to physically travel to receive assistance.

It is noteworthy that remote technical assistance can be provided in real time and is especially useful in emergency situations, where an immediate solution is required.

At DIFMAQ ROURE we have a team of qualified professionals and the right tools to provide a quality remote technical assistance service for DIFMAQ rotary labellers, AUXIEMBA rotary labellers, ROURE packaging machines and ROURE roasters for coffee, cocoa and nuts.

Maintenance service.

DIFMAQ ROURE offers maintenance service on DIFMAQ rotary labellers, AUXIEMBA rotary labellers, ROURE packaging machines, ROURE coffee, cocoa and nuts roasters.

The maintenance service is a set of periodic and preventive actions carried out on machinery, equipment or systems to ensure their correct operation and prolong their useful life. This service may include inspections, cleaning, adjustments, lubrication, replacement of worn parts, among other activities.

Regular maintenance of machinery and equipment is essential to prevent failures, reduce repair costs and ensure efficient and safe production. A professional and specialised maintenance service can optimise the performance of equipment and ensure its availability at all times. It is important to perform maintenance on a regular basis to avoid unnecessary costs and increase the lifetime of equipment.

Training and documentation.

Training and documentation of machinery are essential processes to ensure the safe and correct use of equipment in a working environment.

Training involves providing users with theoretical and practical knowledge on the handing, operation and maintenance of the machinery, as well as on the risks associated with its use.

Documentation is the collection and storage of relevant information, such as users manuals, safety instructions, pneumatic and electrical diagrams and drawings, maintenance records, and so on. This documentation is useful for training, maintenance and troubleshooting of machinery. It is important to have up-to-date documentation and adequate training to ensure the safe and efficient use of machinery.

Replacements, safety stock.

DIFMAQ ROURE offers spare parts for DIFMAQ rotary labellers, AUXIEMBA rotary labellers, packaging machines, ROURE coffee, cocoa and nuts roasters.

Spare part and safety stock are important elements in machinery maintenance management. Spare parts are parts that are used to replace worn or damaged parts of machinery, and can be critical to the continued operation of the equipment. Safety stock is an inventory of spare parts that is kept available in the warehouse to ensure rapid replenishment of parts in case of failure or emergency.

Maintaining adequate safety stock can reduce machinery downtime and improve repair efficiency. It is important to establish a spare parts and safety stock management policy to ensure the availability of critical parts and reduce maintenance costs.

Sustainable consumption and production.

At DIFMAQ ROURE we are committed to sustainable consumption and production.

Our machines are built to last generations, the mechanics of our machines have no programmed obsolescence. We offer spare parts for all our machines independent of the year of manufacture.

We recondition and upgrade DIFMAQ rotary labellers, AUXIEMBA rotary labellers, ROURE packaging machines and coffee, cocoa and nut roaster, to make the life of the machinery as long as possible.

In this way we are committed to sustainability and the environment.

Refurbishment of machinery

Our After-Sales Service for all machine families and for the entire geography where we have installed our machines (roasters, packaging and dosing machines, and labellers), covers the following activities.

  • Annual or specific diagnosis visits to determine the necessary actions for the optimal functioning of the equipment.
  • Technological updates in which we implement mechanical, electronic and software developments.
  • Updates or adaptations due to regulatory or legal changes, both in terms of product identification, new tax identification, data collection, new materials to be used, etc.
  • Additional accessories to increase the performance of the production unit.

- New formats according to customer needs.

- Spare parts with the latest developments.

- Preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance.

- Training of new client staff.

Some upgrades, depending on their size, require the temporary relocation of the machine to our premises, but in other cases they can be carried out at the customer's premises.

Technical assistance for packaging machines
Technical assistance for rotary labelling machine
Spare parts and technical assistance AUXIEMBA and DIFMAQ rotary labelling machines
ROURE Roasters
Reconditioning of AUXIEMBA labelling machine

Updating of a rotary labeller, with 30 years of service, where safety cell or protections have been installed. This labeller is installed on the highest volume production line of one of our customers in the oil sector.

Reconditioning ROURE roaster

The refurbishments carried out on ROURE roasters involve installing new turbines, motors, burners, paint, electrical installation, and in cases where automation and installation of roasting profile control software is requested.

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Acknowledgements from our customers


Thursday, November 18, 2021

Good morning Joan,

First of all, I would like to thank you on behalf of the company for the effort you made yesterday to solve the serious problem we had. There are fewer and fewer professionals of your stature every day and this must be appreciated. I was very sorry that you could not even eat, this says a lot about your professionalism.

I would like to extend this email to your superiors.

Maintenance manager of a food company in the oil sector