Roaster for coffee, cocoa and nuts

ROURE model ERC-150

min. and max. capacity: 10kg-150kg

Our history:

The history of ROURE roasters has its origins in Don Jaume Roure Bou, in the 1950s, this entrepreneur was a pioneer in the construction of roasters for coffee, cocoa and nuts in Spain. ROURE roasters have been designed and built in a practically handmade way in Barcelona since the 50s. The first roasters delivered to our customers are still working perfectly. Nowadays, 3 generations later, we incorporate the necessary technology to be able to have the maximum control during the roasting process, maintaining the quality in the construction of the equipment and finishes.

Our mission: 

Our customers are those who are looking to obtain a quality product differentiated from the rest of the market, with which, their concern is only related to the product (raw material, recipes, etc.) that is to say, they need a reliable roaster that they do not have to worry about and this is our mission: to deliver to our customers robust and reliable machinery, made to last for generations.


Capacity of 150 kg per batch for nuts and coffee.

Capacity of 60 kg per batch for seeds

Thanks to its design it is a very thermally stable roaster.

Manual or automatic roasting option.

Optional: Own software

Optional: Can be connected to Artisan or Cropster.

From the display you can control:

  • Temperature
  • Bass drum rotation speed (steplessly adjustable)
  • Air Control

The fan (turbine) of the cooler is independent of the fan (turbine) of the column.

Possibility to fully automate existing ROURE roasters with a capacity of 150kg on the market.


Technical data of the ROURE roasters with a capacity of 150kg

Capacity 10kg-150 Kg/roast

Production 600 Kg/h

Weight 3200 Kg

Engine power 14 HP

Lessening 16%

Burner on customer's request:

  • Natural gas
  • propane gas
  • diesel oil
  • biomass (pellets, nut shells, wood, etc)

Gas consumption 13,3 Kg gas/h



ROURE roasters with a capacity of 150kg document the temperature of the supplied air and the product by means of a PT-100 probe. The basic version of this roaster is manually controlled. Alternatively, the roasters can be equipped with a semi-automatic or fully automatic control solution via a touch panel.

The automatic roasting process is switched on via an ON/OFF button to start the rotating drum, the drum fume extractor and the burner.

As soon as the temperature regulator reaches the first order preset by the operator in the PLC, (and provided that the level detector placed in the hopper is activated) the loading door of the machine opens for a preset time and closes automatically, thus starting the roasting process.

When the temperature reaches the second order preset by the operator, the cooler and fan blade motors are started and the discharge damper opens and remains open for the preset time until product discharge is complete.

Once the discharge door is closed, the temperature reaches the first command of the hopper level detector is activated, then the roasting process will restart.

The cooling process must also be programmed and stops at the preset time.


The data control solution of the ROURE 150kg capacity roasters allows the safe and automatic playback of all user-defined settings stored through recipe management. Manual adaptation of recipes during the roasting process is also possible. The roaster faithfully reproduces the standard curve and automatically regulates itself to achieve the perfect roasting gradient/time that reproduces the chosen roasting profile 100%. With the modulating burner regulated in percentage from our software. Software integrated into the roaster that does not require a licence or monthly payment for its use.


The pneumatically controlled opening chopper in the hopper, the roasting drum and the cooler outlet ensure maximum process safety. If equipped with a fully automatic control solution, an additional protective cover on the cooling sieve is mandatory for any ROURE roaster.


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Tostadora DIFMAQ ROURE modelo ERC-150

Coffee roaster with natural gas or propane combustion.

DIFMAQ ROURE Roaster screen
Tostador para frutos secos

Nut roaster with biomass combustion

Tostador para cacao ROURE
Tostador para avellanas ROURE
Tostador para pistachos ROURE
Pipas de girasol tostador ROURE ERC-150

Proprietary software for the control of roasting profiles