DIFMAQ has been a leading designer and manufacturer of rotary labelling machines since 1959.

High-speed rotary labellers for rigid containers are industrial equipment used to apply labels accurately and efficiently on containers of different shapes and sizes. These machines are designed to operate at speeds of up to 60.000 bottles/hour, which increases productivity and optimises the labelling process.

The orientation of the label can be carried out by means of a mechanical system, fibre or artificial vision orientation, orientation systems designed by DIFMAQ, depending on the characteristics of the bottle and the customer's request.

The labellers can incorporate the QR code reading system of the intelligent tax seal designed by DIFMAQ.



In which sectors are high-speed labelers integrated?

Mainly in the sectors of soft drinks, water, beer and juices.

What is the maximum labeling speed that a DIFMAQ labeler can reach?

The labeling speed, or maximum production rate, of a high-speed labeler machine can be around 1.200 containers/minute, which is approximately 72.000 containers/hour.

What are the types of labels that can be applied with the high-speed labeler?

The types of labels that can be applied with a high-speed labeler include cold adhesive labels, hotmelt or hot glue labels, and self-adhesive labels.

Is it possible to adapt the labeler for different sizes and shapes of containers?

Yes, the new generations of DIFMAQ labelers can be adapted to each customer's needs, considering the specific characteristics of their containers.

What is the precision of label placement on the products?

Depending on the adhesive requirements on the containers, DIFMAQ labelers can achieve a maximum precision of +/- 1 mm.

What type of technology does the labeler use to apply the labels?

The technology used by DIFMAQ rotary labelers involves auxiliary equipment (labeling heads) positioned over the container's conveyance.

What is the lifespan of the labeler and how much maintenance does it require?

The lifespan of a DIFMAQ labeler is more than 20 or 30 years. To extend the lifespan of rotary labelers, it is necessary to perform the preventive maintenance recommended by DIFMAQ. It is recommended to conduct preventive maintenance once a year.

Is it easy to change label rolls and configure the machine for different products?

Yes, it is very easy, in the new generations of DIFMAQ labelers equipped with the latest generation of mechanical and electronic components.

What error detection systems or quality control systems can be included in a labeler?

Most error detection or quality control systems planned for a DIFMAQ rotary labeler are included, including bottle detection and orientation using fiber optics and/or computer vision.

Is it possible to integrate the high-speed labeler into an existing production line?

Yes, it is possible. A DIFMAQ rotary labeler can be integrated into a production line where there was no labeler before, or alternatively, an old equipment can be replaced with a new DIFMAQ high-speed labeler.

What is the operational cost of using a high-speed labeler?

Depending on the model of the rotary labeler, the operational cost of these machines ranges from approximately 15.000 to 25.000 euros.

What safety measures are included to protect operators during operation?

The safety measures included to protect operators during the operation of the rotary labeler are mechanical guards and electronic safety systems. These measures prevent occupational hazards during the use of DIFMAQ rotary labelers.

What training is provided for the personnel who will operate the machine?

The training offered by DIFMAQ, once the labeler is installed, enables operators to have fully autonomy in format changes, feeding, reading, and interpreting software operation before finalizing the commissioning.

What is the expected downtime for maintenance or repairs?

The expected downtime is approximately one week, depending on the characteristics and model of the rotary labeler.

Are there options for custom labelers according to the specific needs of our company?

Yes, thanks to DIFMAQ's experienced engineering department, it is possible to customize the labeler to the specific needs of each customer. For this purpose, a preliminary study is conducted on all the components, labels, and containers that the customer wants to label.

What labeling materials are compatible with the machine?

The materials compatible with the rotary labeler are paper, synthetic materials, and plastics available in the market, commonly used by label manufacturers.

Does the labeler have coding or printing systems to add variable information?

Yes, the rotary labeler has coding or printing systems that can be added for variable information. These accessories are determined based on the client's specifications can include inkjet or laser marker equipment.

What warranties or technical support are provided with the purchase of the labeler?

DIFMAQ offers 1 year of warranty on mechanical parts: for electrical parts, it should be determined with the supplier based on the type of malfunction.

Can samples of labeling and performance tests be obtained before making the purchase?

Yes, if the customer needs to conduct tests for container orientation for label placement, DIFMAQ has a testing unit with a fiber optic orientation system and an artificial vision orientation system. This allows for tests to be carried out with the customer's containers to verify performance and orientation results.

Does the labeler comply with industry regulations and safety standards?

Our equipment complies with international standards in the food, beverage, wines and spirits, cleaning and personal care, and chemical sectors. That's why we are present in more than 65 countries (EU, USA, Mexico, etc)