Solutions for labelling on rigid containers. Possibility of artificial vision systems for better positioning of labels.

Solutions for weighing, dosing, conveying and packaging of solid products (powder, granular and small pieces), liquids and pasty products.

Gourmet and industrial roasters for green coffee, cocoa and nuts.

Special machinery.
CE marking.

We accompany you
in the success of your project.

Our team of professionals in the areas of engineering, design and construction of machinery provides you with the information and advice you need for your project.

CEO: Albert Ferrari

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Second hand
Immediate delivery

Completely refurbished second hand machinery.
Labelling machines, packaging machines, Roasters.
Two year guarantee.

Associations in
which we participate

Amec is an entity which brings together the main international industries in Spain: a visionary, collaborative, self-governing community, with a powerful lobbying activity.

L'Associació de Municipis de l'Eix Riera de Caldes is a territorial economic area that stretches from north to south along the river, with 32 industrial estates and more than 1,000 industrial companies.

Made up of Catalan companies, it groups together more than 100 active members, ranging from R&D, raw materials, intermediate products; machinery; peripherals and End of Line; packaging manufacturers and end users.

Association created by oil mill masters and operators at national level. This entity carries out periodic events among professionals through congresses and conventions,
conferences, courses, seminars and symposiums.

The ISO 14001 certification
affirms our commitment

The ISO 9001 standard awarded to DIFMAQ ROURE is an international standard, containing eight key principles of quality management:

  • Customer orientation and pursuit of customer satisfaction as objectives.
  • Leadership.
  • Involvement of people.
  • Process-based approach.
  • Systems-oriented management.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Data-driven decision making.
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.

The ISO 14001 standard awarded to DIFMAR ROURE is an international distinction that sets out how to implement an effective environmental management system. The standard is designed to achieve a balance between economic profitability and minimum environmental impact, and is based on the commitment of the entire organization to achieve both objectives.


Upcoming trade fairs

1.- EXPOPACK 2022 (Mexico City) 14-17 June

2.- INTERPACK 2023 (Düsseldorf) 4-10 May

3.- ENOMAQ 2023 (Zaragoza) 14-17 May



We are aware of our responsibility to care for the environment and the impact that our products may have both in the manufacturing process and after use, so we work on the basis of the best practices and European standards defined in this regard.


We contribute to the responsible management of resources by prioritizing remote assistance in order to avoid travel and the climate impact that this entails.

Health and Safety

Safety is one of our top priorities. It is imperative that all staff follow policies and regulations that ensure their own safety and the safety of those around them.

This safety policy is strictly translated into the design and production of our equipment.

Circular economy

We contribute to the establishment of a circular economy by reconditioning second-hand machinery and recycling the packaging generated during the production process.


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