DIFMAQ has developed the DQVISIO rigid container orientation system

This detection system provides electronic adjustment of the container without mechanical additives during the signal exchange with the labeller. Inside the rotary labeler, the bottles pass through special LED lighting and a cabinet equipped with cameras.

The system detects the exact position of the customized decorations and engravings on the glass, sending the result to the machine control and the servo bases adjusting the bottles in the correct position. The result of this procedure allow us to place the label exactly in the designated area.


During glass manufacturing, expensive positioning bars attached to the bottom of the bottle are no longer necessary. Therefore, there is one less breaking point and the glass costs decrease. On the other hand, thanks to this DQVISIO vision guidance system there is no speed limitation caused by mechanical adjustment.


An adjustment is always necessary if a label is to be placed in an assigned area, e.g., a reservation or window on the container for the placement of a label. Or the control of a particular position on a screen-printed text.


Suitable for all labellers with servo driven turntables.

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