Lector etiqueta fiscal inteligente integrado en etiquetadora de alta velocidad

For this new application, DIFMAQ has developed the DQTAG control system, which consists of controlling the application and the numerical management of the QR codes


The innovative DQTAG system is introduced due to a new regulation to include an intelligent seal for the control of alcohol products. This smart seal has been developed and produced by the National Coin and Stamp Factory (FNMT).

This new system consists of a QR code inspection camera installed on the labelling machines that reads and records the codes of the labels applied on the machine.

Tightly integrated into the machine control, it can stop the labelling process in case of error, divert bottles with defective or illegible codes, detect a change of numbering, etc., so that we can be absolutely sure that the bottles leaving the machine bear the tax mark correctly.

At the end of the production generates a CSV file containing a summary report of the bottles that make up that batch with their description, product graduation, bottle capacity, production date, number of bottles and the codes of all the bottles that make up that batch. This report can be customized according to the needs of each client.

DQTAG can be installed on new machines, DIFMAQ, as existing machines of various brands (AUXIEMBA, KRONES, etc)


The new format presented by the National Coin and Stamp Factory consist of a 25 mm Ø self-adhesive circular label. Today, many companies in the alcoholic beverage sector are forced to introduce this new presentation.

Each mark must include a QR security code that will be readable by any electronic device to facilitate the control of these products. This seal shall include the following data:

  • of production batch
  • alcohol content
  • the type of product
  • the capacity of each bottle
  • and if the manufacturer wants to, he can add extra commercial information for consumers such as instructions for use, recommendations and so on.

Beyond the tax collection purpose, as the new system will substantially improve the AEAT’s capacity in the tax area, it will help to control the quality of the alcohol dispensed.

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