The best chocolate “from bean to bar” is roasted with a ROURE in the ARKUPE chocolate factory.

If you have ever visited the Baztan Valley you will know that is a magical place, the Baztan is both idyllic and fantastic. It is said to be protected by the Basajun, the legendary lord of the forests. Here nature dominates everything: the landscape, the folklore, the way of life, the gastronomy and the festivities. One of these magical places not to be missed is the Arkupe chocolate shop in Elizondo and Irurita.


For more than 30 years, the Arkupe Confectionary and Chocolate Factory has been producing a varied and select assortment of chocolates and sweets.

The production methods they use are purely handmade with carefully selected, top-quality raw materials.

Arkupe carries out the complete cocoa process, from bean to bar. It is currently the only bakery in Spain that processes cocoa from bean to bar for all the products it sells in its two retail outlets: “Arkupe Gozotegia” in Elizondo and “Arkupe Txokolateak” in Irurita, two beautiful towns in the north of Navarre, in the province of Baztanes.

It should be pointed out that the chocolate and pastry workshops are also located in the latter town, where all their products are made.


The Arkupe Gozotegia artisan workshop, completely renovated in 2008, has modern machinery from which they make their delicious chocolate and other sweets every day.

In the workshops they create chocolate and its derivates, cake, pastries and homemade pastries, as well as products made only in season.

In order to obtain good chocolate, it is essential to obtain quality raw materials. Arkupe uses cocoa beans from Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba, Jamaica, Peru, Uganda, Madagascar, etc.

Cacao roasted with the ROURE ROASTER
Cacao roasted with the ROURE ROASTER

Once in his workshops, the beans are selected by hand and the artisinal production process begins: roasting with the ROURE ROASTER, hulling, grinding, blending, refining and coaching.

ROURE roaster for cocoa
ROURE roaster for cocoa

Once the chocolate has been obtained, the different products such as bonbons, truffles, urrakin egiña, chocolate bars, chocolate strips with orange, pastries are created.


“From bean to bar” refers to a chocolate production philosophy that involves the entire process, from growing and harvesting the cocoa beans to making the chocolate. This philosophy focuses on quality and traceability of ingredients, which means that bean-to-bar chocolate producers buy cocoa beans directly from farmers and monitor the entire production process to ensure the ethical and sustainable standards are followed.

In addition, this allows producers to experiment with different cocoa varieties and create unique and complex flavours. By purchasing bean-to-bar chocolate, consumers can enjoy a quality, unique tasting products and support ethical and sustainable business practices.


ROURE rotary drum roasters are designed to roast cocoa in a uniform and controlled manner, allowing artisans to adjust the temperature, time and speed of the drum to obtain a customised roasting profile. This roasters are equipped with a rapid cooling system that stops the roasting process and prevents over-roasting of the cocoa.

Other factures that make ROURE rotary drum roasters the best in the industry are their robust construction, easy maintenance and cleaning. Roasters that have been in operation for more than 40 years are in operation today, so we can assure you that they are built to last for generations.

On the other hand, ROURE offers the customers different models depending on the batch production of cocoa to be processed. In summary, the ROURE rotary drum roaster is a solid choice for chocolate producers looking for a high quality and high-performance roaster.

ROURE roaster for coffee, cocoa and nuts with a capacity of 150kg roasted coffee. cocoa and nuts.
ROURE roaster for coffee, cocoa and nuts with a capacity of 150kg roasted coffee, cocoa and nuts.

ROURE roasters are ideal for roasting cocoa, nuts, coffee and cereals such as gofio.

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