Albert Ferrari Director General de Difmaq ROURE ponencia en NICOSIA

Albert Ferrari, Managing Director of DIFMAQ ROURE participates as a speaker at ANIMA ANNUAL FORUM 2023, presenting a success story.

Autor: Alberto Ferrari

Alberto Ferrari, Managing Director of DIFMAQ ROURE, together with members of AMEC Positive Industry and the Packaging Cluster.


Yesterday, DIFMAQ ROURE, participated as a speaker in the initial day of ANIMA in Nicosia where ACCIÓ and AMEC Positive Industry are part of.

It was a very enriching day because the approaches that were exposed are very different from the current and official dynamics. In this sense, the president of Anima, Mr. Tarak Cherif, conveyed the need to act quickly and with strong actions to stop the  impact of climate change.

We also highlighted the contributions of Carlos Álvarez Pereira (Vice-President of the Club of Rome), where he explained the validity of the approaches of “The limits of growth” more than 50 years after its publication and the different modelled scenarios that are presented today and the risk of collapse of society, due to the decline of natural resources versus pollution and industrial activity. He also pointed out the need to stop measuring the impact of the economy and countries by GDP, in order to be able  to propose immediate balanced actions among all countries in this respect and to star from the same level.

During the rest of the day, a dynamic of joint work was carried out to establish the pillars on which a common market area throughout the Mediterranean (EMEA 2040) should be based.

Albert Ferrari, Managing Director of DIFMAQ ROURE during his speech at the Anima Investment Network.
Albert Ferrari, Managing Director of DIFMAQ ROURE during his speech at the Anima Investment Network.


Anima Investment Network organises the Annual Forum in Nicosia (Cyprus) from 10 to 12 July 2023.

The Forum is aimed at innovation and business support organisations from EU, North African and Middle East countries, as well as investors and active business support organisations from these regions.

It aims to mobilise the Euromed business community in the direction of a common innovation and transition agenda adapted to global sustainability challenges.

The forum brought together over 100 leaders from more than 20 countries from the EU, the Middle East and Africa, including public decision-making centres and international organisations, business and investment promotion networks, innovation ecosystems, experts and researchers, private companies and investors, and startups.

DIFMAQ ROURE has actively participated through the presentation of Albert Ferrari explaining a success story of Positive Industry. DIFMAQ ROURE offers its customers various options in combustion for their roasters, such as combustion by Biomass, electric roasters for companies that have solar panels or turbines can use clean energy in their processes.

Albert Ferrari Managing Director of DIFMAQ ROURE during the dinner with Tarak Cherif

During the dinner, Alberto Ferrari, Managing Director of DIFMAQ ROURE, had the honour of being at Table 1, the main table, together with Mr. Tarak Cherif (President of ANIMA and entrepreneur), Cyprus R&D Minister, Cyprus Invest Manager and Nicosia’s Mayor, as well as the speakers Sylvie Cogneau and Lilia Hachem.


DIFMAQ ROURE designs, manufactures and markets rotary labellers, packaging equipment and roasters for coffee, cocoa and nuts.

Thanks to its powerful Engineering and R&D department, it can offer assistance, spare parts and upgrades for other brands of equipment such as AUXIEMBA labellers, KRONES, etc.