The ROURE roaster wins the award for the best Blend in Spain

The best commercial blend in Spain is roasted with a ROURE Roaster

October  1st was World Coffee Day and ROURE Roasters celebrated it together with CAFÉS PUERTO RICO by winning first prize for the creation of the BEST COMMERCIAL BLEND at the Fórum Coffee Festival organised by the Fórum del Café.

It’s a source of pride for ROURE Roasters and Cafés Puerto Rico to have over 25 years of experience in roasting coffee from Aurelio. Without a doubt, a perfect team to be the best blend in Spain.

The best coffee in Spain is made in Alcorcón. Cafés Puerto Rico, an artisan roaster with more than 50 years of history that works and distributes to hundreds of businesses in Alcorcón, has been awarded at the Forum Coffee Festival organized in Barcelona as the best national coffee. In the Community of Madrid 15 million cups of coffee are consumed daily, being the second most consumed beverage in Spain and the world.

Cafés Puerto Rico has more than 600 customers, more than 50% of them from the south of Madrid.

This company is committed to artisanal production and controls the entire process of production and distribution. “It is a clear example of consuming locally-produced goods, as the majority of their clients are cafés and restaurants in Alcorcón”, noted Jesús Santos, who also emphasized that “the revitalization of local commerce creates opportunities for residents, generating more employment and, therefore, benefits for the families of Alcorcón”.

Source: The Alcorcón-based company Cafés Puerto Rico has won the award for the Best Coffee in Spain at the Fórum Coffee Festival | Alcorcón City Council.


New software for roast profile control

It is worth nothing that the new ROURE roasters still maintain the same robustness, precision, and stability as the ones originally manufactured.

In addition, we have incorporated the new roasting profile control software to record recipes manually and later replicate them. This new software allows real-time monitoring of the roasting parameters performed with the ROURE roaster. This allows roasters to obtain high batch homogeneity. On the other hand, it allows a great traceability since it is possible to extract the information of what has happened at each moment of the roasting.

To learn more about our new roasting profile control software, you can read our article.