Tostador ROURE. Nuevo Software de control de tueste

ROURE Roasters were present at the Forum Coffee Festival, which took place on 29, 30 of September and 1st of October

The new roasting control software for Coffee was presented at the event. This software has been developed jointly by ROURE’s engineering team and Felix Donosti, SCA certified trainer. On the other hand, with the aim of continuous improvement, ROURE’s engineering team works together with important companies in the coffee sector to learn first-hand about market trends and the needs of the most demanding professionals.

ROURE Roaster E-5 model

The result is a robust, stable roaster with a technology capable of recording and storing recipes manually and replicating to the perfection, a very useful tool for those roasters who wish to have homogeneity in the different batches that are made according to the origin, process and result they wish to obtain.

It should be noted that the new software allows real-time visualisation of the roasting progress and records process data and values. The display screen is absolutely intuitive, requires no training and the user can quickly become familiar with its use.

DIFMAQ ROURE Roaster screen
DIFMAQ ROURE Roaster screen

In addition, the software enables production traceability, i.e., obtaining and recording the roasts made during the day with all the detailed information on times, temperatures and other parameters. Or, if you wish, you can import or export recipes to other devices.

Finally, roasters incorporating the new roasting profile tracking software can be operated either fully manually or fully automatically, following a pre-registered recipe.

Electric roasters for specialty coffee, affordable and environmentally friendly energy.

On one hand, ROURE presented the range of roasters for specialty coffee with electric combustion. It is important to note that the result of roasting coffee with an electric roaster is a clean aroma, without the traces of natural gas, propane gas or diesel.

On the other hand, ROURE electric roasters are ideal for those roasters who are involved in the protection of the environment and are using sustainable energies, such as, for example, solar energy.

Roasters in operation for more than 60 years. Responsible production and consumption.

ROURE, at the same time, is committed to sustainable production and consumption, which is why we offer solutions in terms of automation and roasting control software for existing ROURE roasters. The long history of ROURE roasters and the robustness of equipment has led to the existence of roasters that are more than 60 years old and still in perfect working order. At the customer’s request, these roasters can be fitted with elements that help both in the roasting process (automation) and in obtaining information on what is happening during roasters (probes, software for viewing graphs, etc)

New ROURE Roasters with roast control software for Specialty Coffee