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DIFMAQ ROURE’s technical and engineering team makes it possible for the most efficient tequila plants to label their containers with precision and speed.

24th of July International Tequila Day

Today, 24th of July , we celebrate the International Tequila Day, from DIFMAQ ROURE, manufacturers of rotary labelling machines, we want to remind you the importance of having an equipment that is not only fast, but also accurate and reliable so that each bottle has the presentation that both tequila producers and customers demand.

Rotary labellers DIFMAQ ROURE
Rotary labellers DIFMAQ ROURE

What is tequila?

Tequila is a drink that was originally made in Jalisco, Mexico, and is now consumed internationally with salt and lime.

This planting and processing must be done in the territories that are declared in the Tequila Denomination of Origin (DOT).

Tequila is made from blue agave. First, the ripe pineapple are cut from the agave and cooked in a stone ovens. They are then crushed to extract the sweet juice, which ferments into must. It is then distilled in stills to obtain a pure liquid. If it is white tequila, it is bottled directly; if it is “reposado” or “añejo”, it is aged in oak barrels. Finally, it is blended and filtered to achieve the desired quality. The result is this iconic Mexican drink, appreciated for its flavour and tradition, ready to be enjoyed all over the world.

Alberto Ferrari, Director General de DIFMAQ ROURE durante la visita a CASA SAUZA
Alberto Ferrari, General Manager of DIFMAQ ROURE during the visit of CASA SAUZA

Types of tequila

It should also be noted that there is more than one type and variety of tequila.

  • The first type is the best known worldwide and is the tequila that is made from 50% of the sugar that comes from the agave.
  • The second type is the 100% agave tequila, which is made solely from the sugar that comes from the agave.

Furthermore, depending on the time and way of maturation of these two types of tequila, up to 7 different varieties can be distinguished. Tequila Blanco or silver, young or gold, “reposado”, “añejo” and “extra añejo”.

Rotary labelling machines DIFMAQ tequila
The typical way to drink tequila is with lemon and salt

DIFMAQ ROURE rotary labellers for labelling tequila bottles

For the most prestigious tequila brands, as well as producing this iconic Mexican drink with excellent quality, it is very important to take care of the image and presentation of their bottles. For this reason, they must have robust equipment that places the label with precision, speed and reliability.

At DIFMAQ ROURE we have more than 2.000 machines installed in more than 60 countries, which guarantees the solidity of our work carried out since the end of the 1950s.

Tequila bottle label orientation systems for rotary labellers

DIFMAQ ROURE has developed guidance systems to provide solutions for different customer projects.

The fibre orientation system allows the container to be guided through the mould bonding and custom reliefs.

The advantage of this system is that it allows, if necessary, the containers to be oriented so that the labelling takes reference to the position in relation to the two mould joints, or a customised relief.

The vision guidance system is a guidance system that provides electronic container adjustment without mechanical additives during the signal exchange of the labeller.

The system detects the exact position of customised decorations and engravings on the glass and sends the result to the machine control.

If you want to know more you can read our article about the two guidance systems.

Intelligent seal reader for rotary labellers

DIFMAQ ROURE rotary labellers offer the possibility of incorporating the intelligent seal reading system, this intelligent seal allows the control of the production and traceability of alcoholic beverages.

DIFMAQ ROURE has developed and integrated in the rotary labellers a proprietary control system, the DQTAG system with QR code inspection camera that reads and registers the codes of all the labels applied on the bottles. If you need more information about this system, you can read our article about the intelligent seal reader for rotary labellers.