Alberto Ferrari, Director General de DIFMAQ ROURE durante la visita a CASA SAUZA

DIFMAQ offers technical support, spare parts, accessories and upgrades for Tequila SAUZA’s AUXIEMBA labellers.

We would like to thank the excellent welcome we received during our last trip to Mexico from our customers of TEQUILA SAUZA in the state of Jalisco, municipality of Tequila, and in general from the customers we visited in the Guadalajara area.

It is worth mentioning that EXPOPACK MEXICO 2023 will take place in the city of Guadalajara, where we will be present with our own stand to offer our innovations in rotary labellers, packaging machines and roasters

DIFMAQ offers technical support, spare parts, accessories and upgrades for AUXIEMBA labellers

DIFMAQ ROURE offers spare parts and technical service for AUXIEMBA rotary labellers installed at CASA SAUZA. Thanks to DIFMAQ’s experienced engineering team we can offer upgrades, advice and quality technical service for existing AUXIEMBA labellers.

DIFMAQ. offers technical support, spare parts, accessories and upgrades for AUXIEMBA labellers.
DIFMAQ at CASA SAUZA, Carlos Puerto, Technical Director of Labellers. Adriana García, Head of DIFMAQ MEXICO Office and Alberto Ferrari, General Manager of DIFMAQ ROURE.


Tequila Batanga is a cocktail originally from Mexico, specially from the city of Tequila in the state of Jalisco. It is said to have been created in the 1950s by don Javier Delgado Corona, who owned the Bar La Capilla in Tequila.


The Tequila Batanga recipe is simple and consists of tequila, fresh lime juice, cola and salt on the rim of the glass. The preparation is done directly in a Collins glass, which should be previously chilled and rimmed with salt. Ice is added to the glass and the measure of tequila, fresh lime juice and cola is poured in. To mix the ingredients, a wooden whisk is called a “Batanga” is used, hence the name of the cocktail.


As for how to drink it, Tequila Batanga is a refreshing drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It can be served as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to a traditional Mexican meal. To taste it, it is advisable to drink it in one gulp to savour all the ingredients together and appreciate its balanced flavour. In addition, the salt on the rim of the glass helps to bring out the flavour of the tequila and balance the sweetness of the soft drink.


The tequila process begins in the agave fields when the agaves are selected to be harvested and taken to the factories of processing. Later, in the factory, the following processes take glace: grinding, cooking, fermentation, distillation, maturation, filtration, dilution and bottling.

Discover the tequila making process from agave planting to bottling step by step by visiting the Casa Sauza website.

Casa Sauza has designed a process different from the traditional one that allows preserving the purity of the agave in all the steps to ensure the evolution to the best tequila.

DIFMAQ at CASA SAUZA. DIFMAQ offers technical assistance, spare parts, accessories and upgrades for AUXIEMBA packaging machines
Adriana García, Head of DIFMAQ MEXICO office and Carlos Puerto, Technical Director of labelling machines at DIFMAQ visiting CASA SAUZA.


At Casa Sauza they take care of the entire value chain of their product, from the cultivation of the agave to the labelling of the packaging. That is why they trust DIFMAQ to carry out maintenance, purchase spare parts and upgrades for their rotary labellers. If you want to know the range of DIFMAQ labellers or you need to update your existing labeller, visit our catalogue or contact us so that we can advise you.

🌐 If you want to know more about CASA SAUZA visit their website