ROURE patrocina el 25 Aniversario del Fórum del Café

ROURE, manufacturer of roasters since 1959, sponsors the event “25th Anniversary of the Coffee Forum”

This year, in addition to holding the General Assembly of Members of the Coffee Cultural Forum, the 25th anniversary of its creation was commemorated. ROURE wanted to be present as a sponsor of the event.

It is worth remembering that Mr. Jaime Roure Bou founded the company ROURE in Barcelona in 1959, and since then we have continued to manufacture the most robust and reliable roasters on the market. Later his successor, Jaime Roure Pagés continued to design, manufacture and market roasters for coffee, cocoa, nuts and packaging equipment.

Since 2020, DIFMAQ ROURE has taken over the family baton and continues the story of ROURE roasters and packaging solutions, to continue to offer reliable machinery built to last for generations. Today’s equipment includes the latest technological advances and complies with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12.

ROURE roasters sponsors the 25th Anniversary of the Coffee Forum
Assembly of partners Coffee Cultural Forum


During the event to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Coffee Cultural Forum, a small tribute was paid to those who formed the first Board of Directors of the Association.

It should be noted that Coffee Forum was born in 1997, a few years after coffee ceased to be a state monopoly in Spain and at a time, moreover, when knowledge of this product in our country went little beyond identifying it with a black, bitter drink that most people drank out of habit rather than for pleasure. The Spanish coffee market was, at that time, a market of price and very little prestige, old-fashioned and very fragmented, but it was also a sector that at that time was welcoming new generations of roasters who were joining the family businesses and who were doing so with a renewed vision of what coffee should be in Spain.

ROURE sponsors the 25th Anniversary of the Coffee Cultural Forum
Albert Ferrari and Nuria Fernández, representing the entire ROURE team at one of the events organised by the Coffee Cultural Forum.


Historically, coffee in Spain has had official representation in different organisations that have watched over the product’s legislation, have worked on the problem of coffee in customs, import logistics, etc.

On the other hand, there was no entity that provided information about properties and virtues of coffee, its culture, its consumption, etc. To professionals in the sector, hotel schools or people who wanted to learns about coffee.

For this reason, in 1996, a group of industrialists in the sector, importers, roasters, manufacturers of machinery, coffee machines, mills… Decided to find a way to fill this gap. A year later, in 1997, the Fórum Cultural del Café was born as a non-profit association aimed that at disseminating and promting coffee culture among the sector itself and also among consumers.

Coffee Forum logo, association of which DIFMAQ ROURE is a member.
Coffee Forum Logo, association of which DIFMAQ ROURE is a member


In order to achieve these objectives, the Coffee Cultural Forum organises a wide range of educational, technical, artistic, recreational and cultural activities of interest to its members and coffee lovers, being a pioneering organisation and the standard-bearer for successful projects such as specialised coffee training, Barista and Cupping Championships, the publication of the first thematic magazine on coffee in Spain and monographic communication on this product, among other initiatives.

Today, Coffee Cultural Forum continues to focus its efforts on the promotion of coffee culture, creating, at the same time, a unique and differentiated image of coffee and its world and directing its message to the coffee industry, as the first handlers of coffee at its destination; to baristas and the hotel and catering industry as specialists in the preparation and service of coffee; to the media, as key players in the dissemination of information; and to the rest of the population in general as consumers of this product.


Coffee Forum Festival, ROURE ROASTERS
ROURE will take part in the next edition of Coffee Forum Festival

ROURE will participate as an exhibitor at the Coffee Forum Festival, the largest coffee event in the country, where it will present its new models of coffee roasters.

The Coffee Forum Festival will take place from the 29th of September to 1 of October at La Farga de l’Hospitalet (Barcelona). A festival designed for the entire value chain of the coffee sector and consumers. It will also showcase the country’s best national barista. Remeber: 29th and 30th of September and 1st of October of 2023.


ROURE roasters range from 0.5kg to 150kg per toast.

The roasters allow precise control by the roaster, temperature control, air circulation, rotation of the rotating drum, so that the roasting curves suitable for each type of coffee can be made.

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