Smart and Sparkling, Packaging cluster and INNOVI project in collaboration with DIFMAQ, TAI SMART FACTORY and MASIA VALLFORMOSA

Albert Ferrari, DIFMAQ’s General Manager, will participate as a speaker in the INFORMATIVE WEBINAR:

Presentation and Call for AEI Subsidies

On February the clusters CEEC, Innovi, Packaging and INNOVACC will present the new call for applications for grants for Innovative Business Clusters, which aim to improve the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

To do so, they will explain what they consist of and what the application process is. Cluster member companies that have benefited from this funding will also participate.

Smart & Sparkling. A projet that aims to adopt the cava bottling process to the characteristics of Industry 4.0, with the Catalan wine cluster INNOVI and MASIA VALLFORMOSA, the capabilities of DIFMAQ machines and the adaptation of the TAI SAMRT FACTORY system. It will determine how the machines should be prepared based on the different levels of action and according to the strategic needs of the producing and bottling companies.


09:30 h – Welcome and presentation

09:35 h – Explanation and call for proposals 2022

10:00 h – Presentation of ongoing projects by cluster partners

  • Smart & Sparkling. Packaging Cluster and INNOVI project in collaboration with DIFMAQ, TAI SMART FACTORY and VALLFORMOSA
    • Lluís Canyadell. Vallformosa Industrial Director
    • Albert Ferrari, General Director of DIFMAQ
  • Smart Essence. Packaging Cluster Projet, in collaboration Grup Carinsa Sentinel, TEB, Abacus and Kid’s Cluster
    • Elisabet Roman. Industrial Director of the food area of TEB
  • INSUGA. CEEC projet with the participation of Inergy, ARC bcn and Nasuvinsa
    • David Pon. Director of Inergy
  • NOVONIR. INNOVACC projet in collaboration with NAGRIFOOD (Navarra) and SECPHO
    • Mariona Pratdesaba. Director Area of projects R+D and INNOVAC

10:30 h | Group dynamics. Challenges, need vs solvers.

11:00 h | Questions and closing.

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