For the third consecutive year-and that makes five awards-the best Canarian gofio is roasted and ground in the mill of our client Rayco Herrera Chávez, in Hermigua.


“I am proud of all these awards, and although I am not looking for them, I would like the next one to be for gofio, de grano de millo, and if it is local, so much better”, said the miller who, as always, dedicated the award to his brother Juan, who died in 2008, when he then had to take over the reins of the small mill in La Cerca, today takes his gofio to all the Canary Island and even to the mainland.


“Gofio is a basic product, with great nutrients and proteins, which is already rooted in our diet and is no longer the food for the poor, and we have to fight against these American cereals and introduce our gofio in kindergartens and schools”, he says.

“Our main problem today is the shortage of cereals, due to the transport strike and the war in Ukraine. It has not been a very prolonged shortage, but prices have risen and all millers are finding it difficult to try to mix these cereals, even if only to maintain the quality we are recognized for in the market”


When asked about the raw material and the abandonment of millet in Hermigua and throughout La Gomera, Rayco Herrera explains that “our main supplier is Andalusia, that provides us with 200,000 kilos/year of the three main cereals, which are millet, wheat and barley.

Here we are faced with the problem that the local grain, which is increasingly more appreciated, kilometre zero, is becoming less and less available, so we are trying to recover these fields to obtain the local millet grain which allows us to obtain a denomination of origin. We have to find a way to boost the crop, and I would be happy to be able to make gofio with half the local grain”, says the renowned miller.


The current economic crisis, with the CPI skyrocketing due to the price of fuel and the shortage of Ukrainian grain, has forced Gofio Gomero to raise its prices. “In the last year, due to the rise in fuel, plastic and cereals, we have increased our prices more than since we started back in 2007. We have had to make two increases, one of 15 cents and the other of 10 cents, and we continue with the uncertainty”, recalling that, even so, “there are those who now take ten packets of gofio when they used to take two, for fear of not finding gofio. Now things are more stable, but shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine, there was an avalanche to get our gofio that overwhelmed us, because we were not prepared to take more than the 800 or 1,000 kilos, we produce every day”, says Rayco Herrera Chávez.


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